There once was a girl from Jamaica ...

who, not too long ago moved to the big U S of A.  A lot has changed in my life since then, but my passion for art and my appetite for wanderlust has remained constant.

Oftentimes, my paintings would transport me to places I would rather be, real or imagined. All I wanted was a life of adventure. Then I realized what better place to start than in my own backyard.  I decided to create this little space on the internet as an outlet to  for all things artsy and magical. We can find them in our life everyday, if we just stop to breathe.

One day I do hope to travel the world, but for now, Upstate NY is home to most of my adventures. I'm a firm believer of turning dreams into reality, so I hope you can find inspiration here  from art, nature and all things unicorn dust. That is, until we can afford to travel the world together. Then thats another story.



All photos on this site were taken by Abi Kadabi, or as otherwise stated.